Get Ahead of the Spring Buying Season

It’s February and snow is still covering much of the country, but the spring buying season is just around the corner. Wage increases and low inventory in many U.S. markets is making this year particularly advantageous for home sellers.

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Brokers who are looking for sales meeting fodder can offer agents these tips from Century 21 Real Estate’s Chief Operating Officer Greg Sexton, which will help sellers get their homes ready to win over buyers.

1. Repairs. A seller may need to do work to their house before putting it on the market. Agents could suggest that a seller get a home inspection before listing the property, which will help identify problem areas and repairs that need to take place. “Take a look at the home with a critical eye and eliminate any issues a home inspector may discover – make sure all items are up to code, seal any cracks, and fix a leaky roof,” Sexton says.

2. Landscaping. It’s never too early in the season to think about curb appeal. Offer sellers tips for sprucing up landscaping, such as trimming hedges and cleaning up flowerbeds. Add a pop of color with cold-hardy plants.

3. Declutter. One of the easiest ways to prep a home for sale is decluttering. This may include removing family photos, papers, even furniture to help make the interior of a home look more spacious and allow potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home. The walls may also need a new coat of paint to come alive.

4. Finances. Agents should be aware of any financial obstacles that may come into play, Sexton says, whether it’s liens on the house or a second mortgage, which would be paid from the seller’s proceeds upon sale. Prepping a home for the market also includes talking to clients about their goals and setting realistic expectations, he adds.

—Erica Christoffer, REALTOR® Magazine