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Prepare Your Property

Preparing Your Property to Sell

3-Stage Selling Process!

We will guide you through our comprehensive 3-Stage Process. We provide checklists to help the seller transition smoothly through the selling process from beginning to end.

Stage I: Preparing your Property

A fresh, uncluttered home welcomes prospective buyers and excites their imaginations.

  • Preview your property
    • First impressions last
  • Develop a list of features and benefits
    • Promote it at its best
  • Price it right
    • Provides market analysis to price right
    • Avoid wasting valuable market time
  • Create "To-Do" list to stage your home
    • Pack up early. Suggestions, if needed, to make home irresistible
  • Schedule pre-sale inspection
    • Alleviate seller/buyer anxieties
  • Prepare required paperwork
    • Listing contracts and disclosures
  • Prepare photos
    • Internet ready - inside and out
  • Provide yard signage
    • Professional signs and lockbox
Stage II: Exposing your Property to the World

Your personal agent provides continuous, active promotion of your home or property.

  • Hoeting Team Alert
    • Immediate notice of your home for their buyers
  • Hoeting Team Tour with all agents
    • On-site or on-screen at sales meeting
  • Agent-Specific Promotion and Follow-up
    • Agent immediate notification to Client Base
    • Social Networking Action
    • Open Houses for Market Simulation
    • Personal Home Visits to address Client's needs
    • Feedback of showing to you
  • Company-Specific Promotion
    • Greater Cincinnati Multiple Listing exposes your property to the world - Broadcasted on 30+ websites accessed by home buyers
    • MLS Daily "Hotsheet" alerts your property specifically to 3500+ city-wide agents
    • Open House Early Notice on the internet
    • Just Listed mailings brings interest to the home
    • Local Newspaper Advertising attracts Buyers
    • Print and on-line ads
    • HOETING REALTORS Facebook Page
    • HOETING REALTORS Smart Phone Service
    • HOETING REALTORS Website - So User Friendly!
Stage III: Finalizing the Sale

We provide a clear line of communication for multiple challenges involving the entire sales process.

  • Negotiation Process
    • Present all contracts and help negotiate the best price and terms for you to sell your home
  • Inspection Process
    • Possible repair issues handled
  • Loan Process
    • Buyer pre-qualification desired
    • Agent assistance with financing options
  • Appraisal Process
    • Lender's Review on value
    • Lender's Approval
  • Closing Process
    • Title Work Mortgage Payoffs
  • Deliver Your Check at Closing

Need more information or details about this great process? Just drop us a line...