Create an Office Nook for $552

An unused living room corner gets put to work as an open office area with strategic storage and a soothing color palette.

A hardworking space doesn’t have to be hidden away behind closed doors-—as long as it’s thoughtfully designed. Take this “corner office” created by Tee Miller in the living room of her Mercer County, NJ, home.


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Shown: Immediately visible upon entering the house, the storage unit functioned well but didn’t enhance the room’s looks.


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To integrate the space with the rest of the room, Tee started by clearing out the clutter on the existing shelving unit, which was full of function but too dark and clunky for her current style. She followed up by giving the storage piece a couple of fresh coats of no-primer-needed chalky matte white paint.

She bought a small writing desk to tuck in between the bookshelf and the window, and an upholstered chair that could double as extra living room seating for guests. New organizers put office supplies and paperwork within arm’s reach, while pops of pink and green, fabric touches, and a fluffy rug keep the workspace from looking sterile.

Now Tee, who blogs at, can write, work on small projects, and pay bills without shutting herself off from her family. “I’m thrilled that this area helps keep me organized while it still blends seamlessly with our living room,” she says. See the entire project at Beauteeful Living.

Shown: The homeowner is so happy with the new office nook, it has inspired her to make a revamp of the rest of the living room her next project.

$17 per quart of chalky white paint

$164 for a small writing desk

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Painted the existing bookshelf with 2 quarts of linen-white chalky matte paint, sealed with a clear matte top coat the homeowner already had $34
  • Organized office supplies and paperwork with new storage boxes, baskets, shelf dividers, and magazine holders $108
  • Purchased a new desk and chair $294
  • Created a mini gallery wall with a DIY bulletin board and framed artwork $30
  • Filled the shelves and desktop with new and old accessories, including plants and an LED lamp $86
  • Added warmth and texture with a rug and a throw borrowed from other rooms in the house $0

Total $552