Play Up Home’s ‘Hot Spots’ to Warm Up Buyers

A home’s interior can be used to spark “memorable moments” that appeal to homebuyers emotions, new research suggests. Certain rooms in a home can make homeowners conjure up positive emotions and memories. Researchers call those areas “hot spots,” and urge designers to pay careful attention to those spots in making a home more inviting.

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“The interior space can enhance emotional experiences,” says Wayne Visbeen, an architect in Grand Rapids, Mich.

A room’s ability to evoke positive emotions and memories is directly tied to the design and amenities of that room, suggests a study sponsored by Napoleon Fireplace, which sought to identify the emotional connections homeowners have with their homes.

For example, features like fireplaces, high ceilings, and built-ins can help increase the appeal of rooms, the study noted.

The most popular areas of the home are centered around three elements: socializing, relaxation, and function. The greater of these elements a room has, the better job it does in creating a “hot spot,” researchers note.

BUILDER offers up an example: Designers can add a socialization space to a kitchen with an island or wet bar. Or, they can integrate the dining room with the kitchen to add greater functionality.

Visbeen and David Brown, partner at Hoffman York, a marketing and ad agency in Milwaukee, also said more emphasis should be placed on the design of the master suite. They say a “transition space” can make the bedroom feel more separate from the master bath and closet. This could be done in smaller areas too, such as with a small vestibule between the closet and bathroom. Then, “if one partner is getting ready in the morning and one is sleeping it’s a really nice feature,” Visbeen says.

Also, they emphasize accenting the fireplace in a home. Many special moments often occur around a fireplace, they say. Make sure to spotlight it or even add a firepit at the front entrance too.

Source: “Energize Buyers With Design Hot Spots,” BUILDER (Jan. 11, 2017)